Words from Skip (Jackson) After Another Solid Run!

May 13, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team had another strong showing Saturday night at the Knoxville Raceway.  After timing in a season-best eighth quick, the West Burlington, Iowa native checkered seventh in the feature. After raining out last Wednesday’s Sprint Invaders event at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, they’ll try again this week.  Of course, the team will be back at Knoxville Saturday as well.


Josh came out to time twelfth in the order among the stout 22-car field at Knoxville, timing in eighth.  “I really felt good about qualifying,” he says.  “There’s still a little bit there, but we don’t have anything for the #2 car (Kerry Madsen)…but I don’t know if anyone does right now.  I feel like we’re just about there. I really do.”


The only obstacle on the night was a fifth place finish in the heat after starting fourth.  “I need to be more aggressive on the starts,” says Josh.  “(Brian) Brown’s nose was between (Dustin) Selvage and I before the white line, but I can’t take that away from him.  If that’s what we need to do, then that’s what we need to do.  The bottom line is, I need to be more aggressive.  You need to take advantage of what they give you, and Brian did a good job with that start.”


Josh would start eleventh in the feature.  “We were really good on the bottom,” he says.  “We were only getting better as the race went on, and I think others were starting to fade.  I really wanted to see a yellow with three or four to go.  I think we could have passed the two in front of us if we had.  Maybe we would have even had a shot at the podium…or we could have flipped over the berm.  You never know.”


After climbing to seventh, he chatted with a Knoxville legend afterwards.  “(Two-time track champ) Skip Jackson came over to visit with me after the races,” says Josh.  “I told him I was wishing for a yellow.  He said the times he would wish for a yellow, he ended up being the yellow.  So he had a point there.”


The confidence is high right now for Josh and the team.  “We’re really happy with the car,” he says.  “Our slick track setup is working well.  We’re looking forward to getting a couple of races in this week.  I’m excited and I was ready to get right back in the car and soon as I got out.”

Confidence Booster!

May 6, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team have their confidence rolling as they get ready for a potential two-race week.  The West Burlington, Iowa driver climbed from row eight to finish eleventh at Knoxville in a fast hotrod.  The team plans on running with the Sprint Invaders Wednesday at the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa before returning to Knoxville Saturday.

The team had a few issues before hot laps got underway Saturday at Knoxville.  “We had to put in an older motor this week,” says Josh.  “It seemed like we had a dead cylinder at idle.  We changed spark plug caps and wires.  It seemed to fix the problem.  Once we got up to speed, the motor was fine.  It was just idling a little funny.  Well make an adjustment for that.”

Josh improved his qualifying from the season opener, timing in fourteenth quick amongst the stout 24-car field.  “We were a tenth off where we needed to be, and honestly, that was on me,” he says.  “I jumped the cushion in four on the first lap and that cost us. Ultimately, we weren’t completely dissatisfied, but it could have been better.”

The track was in prime shape for the heat race, and Josh would start outside row one.  “The track was 180 degrees different than the first week,” he says.  “There were two good lanes to run.  In the heat races, it seemed the bottom was an advantage.  Dustin (Selvage) was starting down there, but I was more afraid of the third-place car getting a run down there.  It cost us a little there, and (Mark) Dobmeier was able to get by us.  We had a good race with him for a while.  We weren’t able to get around Chris Martin like he was able to and we ended up fourth.”

He would start the 20-lap main event outside row eight.  “We were really good in the feature,” says Josh.  “We had a really nice racecar.  We had some good battles back there and we were moving forward.  I was having trouble getting around Tasker (Phillips), but the car was really good.  We were right there with (Kerry) Madsen and Austin (McCarl) at the end.  I just wish we could have gotten by Tasker.”

Josh would finish eleventh, and really felt confident about his racecar.  “The balance of the car is really good,” he says.  “We just need to nail qualifying a little better, and we’ll be starting towards the front.  I have a lot of confidence right now.  Our results haven’t been great, but they’re ahead of where we were at this time last year for sure.  I’m really looking forward to getting back there Saturday.”

Josh enters Wednesday’s event at Oskaloosa second in Sprint Invaders points.  After two weeks, he is twelfth in 410 points at Knoxville.

Another Hard Charger

April 22, 2017 – Josh  and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team brought home Knoxville Raceway’s Lyle Boyd “Hard-Charger Award” in 2016.  No offense, but the West Burlington, Iowa driver would like to put that award behind him, qualify a little better, and start towards the front of the feature.  Nonetheless, the season opener at Knoxville last Saturday night went much like last year.  Josh would climb from the tail of the field to finish 15th and hopes to improve on that this Saturday night.

Slick conditions greeted drivers and Josh would time in 20th quick.  “With the weather and the car count, we expected a different racetrack,” he says.  “But it’s the same for everybody.  Early in the year, usually it’s a little heavier.  The car was nice, but I missed the bottom on the first lap, and didn’t do well the second lap either.  That was on me.”

He would start at the tail of arguably the toughest heat of the night.  “Our heat was tough, but when you look at the field as a whole, seventy-five or eighty percent of them are capable of winning the feature,” says Josh.  “The car was good.  I think we were able to pass Joey (Saldana) at one point, and he got back by us.  It was just tough starting in the back.  We weren’t disappointed.  We were right there with Joey and (Brooke) Tatnell.  (Terry) McCarl may have been about a half straightaway in front of us at the checkers, so we weren’t disappointed at all.”

Josh would start at the tail of the feature.  “The car was really nice,” he says.  “It was actually a tough track to pass on.  I guess we moved forward more than about anyone.  There was a caution about mid-race.  We had been running well, and that killed a lot of the momentum we had.”

Nonetheless, he would continue to progress and grab hard-charger honors by finishing 15th. “With six laps or so to go, it laid rubber,” says Josh.  “From there, it was follow the leader.  We were able to get through the night, and had a good car.  It was everyone’s first night, and we’ll look to get better this weekend.”

Josh is willing to give up his hard-charger status to someone else.  “It was encouraging that we were moving forward and the car was good,” he says.  “I’m a little sick of that from last year.  I just need to qualify a little better.  It is nice to be good in the feature. We just need to start towards the front.”