Top Five with IRA Sets Up Knoxville Opener!

(Bill W) April 12, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team got one more tune-up before the weekly season kicks off this Saturday at Knoxville Raceway.  The West Burlington, Iowa native picked up a fourth-place finish at his hometown 34 Raceway last Saturday night with the IRA.  The team is looking forward to getting to Knoxville Saturday and kicking off their season there.

Josh would come out eighth in the order and set the third quick time of the night on Saturday.

“We were real tickled with third quick,” he says.  “We’re struggling with the tune-up on that motor.  It’s ‘Old Faithful’ for us. Compared to some of the motors we were up against though, we were tickled to death.”

Third quick meant starting outside row two of the fourth heat.  “Our goal was to finish in the top five,” says Josh.  “That would put us in the redraw.  We knew we were in a good spot, and the track was still a little tough to pass on.  We had a good starting spot, and I just needed to keep from stepping on it.  I tried coming off of four one time.  There was some slime and I got low, but we got through there and finished second.”

Josh drew a three to start inside row two for the feature.  “I talked to Paul (Nienhiser) a little bit before the race, and I think he was the smartest one in the bunch,” he says.  “That definitely showed.  We know better than what we did, but we made a poor choice on our left rear tire.  After the heats, we felt the track was getting slicker.  It seemed the other class of cars opened the track up a little and brought the moisture back.”

Despite the tight racecar, he battled among the leaders who were chasing Nienhiser.  “It made for some fast, tight racing, because a lot of us were in the same boat,” says Josh.  “We needed to get the car freer, and we did the exact opposite.  We were running third there towards the end and feeling o.k.  Then Tim Kaeding was able to get by us and we ended up fourth.”

Josh had a few mixed emotions.  “Overall, we were happy, yet disappointed,” he says.  “I think we had the potential to be better than we were.  We avoided a couple of melees.  We just missed the setup in the feature.  We were way too tight.  The track kind of fooled us.”

The team is looking forward to this Saturday night at Knoxville.  “We’re pumped for opening night,” says Josh.  “We’re ready to go.  We have a fresh bullet in the car, and we’re hoping to continue the momentum we had last year.  It will be another tough field of cars, but we’ll be up to the challenge.”

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