That’s the Brakes at Knoxville!

(Bill W) July 4, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team had high hopes going into last Saturday at Knoxville Raceway in Iowa.  A recent string of good runs had the confidence high.  Unfortunately, a brake issue in the feature relegated Josh to an 11th place finish.  The West Burlington, Iowa driver will try to bounce back at Knoxville this Saturday night.

After being without their #1 power plant last week, Josh was ready for Knoxville.  “We were able to get our primary motor back last Saturday,” he says.  “We picked it up late Thursday, dyno-ed it on Friday and put it in on Saturday.”

He timed in a disappointing 18th quick to start the night.  “It was heavier than the week prior, just like we anticipated,” says Josh.  “We were just way too tight qualifying.  We were just unable to roll around there like we needed to.  Despite that, we were just a half second off of quick time.”

That put Josh on the pole of the heat, and he took off and won that one.  “We were really nice in the heat race,” he says.  “I think we showed what we were capable of there.  We were turning faster times in the heat than we had qualifying, which really shows how far off we were in time trials.”

The heat win made up a bit for the disappointing qualifying effort, and he lined up outside row five for the main event.  “I don’t know how it happened, but we lost our brakes,” says Josh.  “Something went wrong with the right rear brake caliper line and it drained all of the brake fluid out.  So we were out there without brakes.”

It was a tough situation on a high-speed racetrack for Josh.  “I didn’t want to pull off,” he says.  “I don’t know that it was the smartest thing to do to stay out there.  I just wanted to stay out there, not get a ‘DNF’ and survive.  What stinks is we were so much better than some of those cars in front of us.  But if you get up behind them, or make a move where you need brakes…you’re going to end up wadding it up.”

Not getting close to the other competitors out there was the key to coming home in one piece.  “You have to pick and choose your battles when you have an issue like that,” says Josh.  “We’ll be back at Knoxville this week, and give it another shot.”

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