Hole in Three!

(Bill W) July 10, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team were plenty fast again last Saturday night at Knoxville.  After timing in a season-high sixth quick, the West Burlington, Iowa driver got caught up in a hole in turn three on the first lap of the feature.  That forced him to the tail, but Josh battled back for a 13th place finish.  This week, the team plans on running with the Sprint Invaders Thursday at Cedar County Raceway in Tipton, Iowa Thursday before heading back to Knoxville Saturday.

Josh was happy with his sixth quick qualifying effort Saturday.  “We’re really taking a liking to the new motor,” he says.  “We’re tweaking it and we like where everything is headed as far as that goes.  It’s kind of neat to come back from the qualifying effort we had the previous week.”

He would finish where he started in the heat…fifth.  “Starting fifth in the heat race for me, is probably the worst place you can start,” says Josh.  “You have two cars in front of you and three to the outside of you.  You really don’t have a hole to work with.  On the outside, you at least have a place to go.  You’re not pinched on the bottom.”

Josh was slated to start 12th in the feature after his heat finish.  “The point system and the track are the same for everyone,” he says.  “We need to just put a week together where we qualify well and do well in the heat.  We’ll see if we can do that this week.  I’m confident where we’re at, we just have to show what we’re capable of.  The car was pretty nice all night.  We were free to run the bottom like I like, but the top was pretty fast.”

The car was fast all night, but a rut in turn three started the feature off on a bad note.  “There was a heck of a hole down by the berm in turn three,” says Josh.  “It was atrocious.  It’s been forming the last two or three weeks, but it hasn’t been that bad.  That caught me on the first lap and got me sideways.  Rager (Phillips) had nowhere to go, and tagged me in the bumper.  We spun and the 3G car (Carson Macedo) had nowhere to go and tipped over.”

Josh responded from the tail of the field.  “We were pretty good getting back through there,” he says.  “It was just a tough track to pass on.  We needed a yellow a little earlier that we got it.  We needed things to get bunched back up, but we were able to get back to 13th.”

Other factors may alter the race schedule for Josh and his wife Brittany.  “We’re planning on racing Thursday and Saturday, but we are on ‘baby watch’ right now,” says Josh.  “Everything hinges on what happens there right now.”

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