Hard Charger at Knoxville!

(Bill W) July 5, 2016 – It was another knockdown, drag-out National Sprint League show at Knoxville Raceway last Friday night (July 1).  Unfortunately, two nights of racing were cut to one when Mother Nature interfered.  Josh Schneiderman and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team stood tall with a top ten finish at the end of the night.  Early, it didn’t look that way, but the West Burlington, Iowa driver surged from 20th to claim tenth amongst the toughest weekly field out there.  The team will be trying it again this Saturday night at Knoxville.

Josh timed in 19th quick in the 25-car field Friday.  “We struggled in qualifying again,” he says.  “We used our backup motor.  In addition, we had a late draw when an early draw really benefited.  Not many cars came out late and made a lot of noise.”

That put him one spot out of the feature invert, meaning he would start seventh.  “The track was just too fast at that point,” says Josh.  “It made it hard to pass in the heat races.  The bottom was just way to slimy to make anything really happen.  The top was too fast and we finished where we started.”

Josh’s point total had him starting outside row ten in the 20-lap feature.  “The track slicked off a little bit, and it got a couple of grooves on it,” he says. “We were awful nice.  We just needed more time.”

The car was rolling well in multiple grooves.  “We got rolling really well around the bottom,” says Josh.  “We were able to move around when we needed to.  I could roll the top of one and two especially well.  Most of the cars we passed were on the bottom.  That worked to our advantage.”

Josh explained why they had their backup motor in on Friday.  “We’re trying to save our good motor for the Nationals,” he says.  “We were a little underpowered early in the night, especially the way the racetrack stayed so fast.  That’s just how it goes.  We need to save our best for the Nationals.  If we can get qualified in, I really feel we can win some races.  It’s tough to win from 20th!”

He also weighed in on the competition he faces every week at Knoxville.  “People are talking about the quantity of cars we have, but definitely not the quality!  One through twenty-four, our lineup at Knoxville can’t be duplicated anywhere in the country.”

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