Podium Run in Eldon Highlights Strong Weekend!

(Bill W) June 22, 2016 – Josh Schneiderman and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team turned in a trio of strong performances last week.  A podium finish in Sprint Invaders action at the “Super Half-mile” Eldon Raceway on Friday highlighted the weekend.  The West Burlington, Iowa driver also pulled double duty at Knoxville Saturday, finishing seventh and 13th in those features.  Tonight finds the team with the Sprint Invaders at the Iowa State Fair Speedway in Des Moines.  They will be competing again with the NSL at Knoxville on Saturday.

Josh would start outside row one of his heat at Eldon Friday.  “We drew well for a change,” he says.  “We were able to kind of cruise to the win there.  It’s kind of a neat old fairgrounds.  I hadn’t personally been there.  It was definitely exciting to start with a heat win.”

The format would see two sets of heats, with the finish of the first round being inverted.  That put Josh outside row four.  “That format is kind of cool,” he says.  “I enjoyed the opportunity to be able to race and improve my position.  We were able to come up to fourth, and we were definitely better than that.  It took us a little extra time to get by a couple of cars.”

After a fourth place run in the Dash, he would line up in row two for the feature.  “We fell back to fourth or fifth early on,” says Josh.  “We didn’t get a good start on the bottom.  We were able to work up to third.  We reeled Jarrod (Schneiderman) in for second, and he spun out.  We didn’t need that caution.  It was unfortunate for Jarrod too.  He was running well.”

It took a while for Josh to get the heat back in his tires.  “We went with the H12, which was a little harder compound than most people,” he says.  “We tried that, and on the restarts it just killed us.  The wily old legend (John Schulz) was able to get by us for second there.  He got going really well on the top there and he was able to sneak by us and get a win.  All in all, I was happy to see him win.  If you can’t win, you’d like to see your uncle or your brother up there.”

The third place finish at Eldon set up double duty in both the 410 and the 360 at Knoxville Saturday.  “The car felt good hot lapping,” says Josh of his 410.  “We ended up drawing a higher number for qualifying.  Some guys early were setting down good laps on the bottom.  I thought that may be the place to go.  After time trials, they told me Kerry (Madsen) set quick time on the top.  It was one of those times where I should have seen what there was up top.”

The 22nd quickest time overall put Josh in the back of his heat.  “I like the NSL format with the points,” he says.  “It takes a little emphasis off of qualifying and on to the racing in the heats.  We had a nice heat race going.  We had some fortunate luck with a couple cars falling out, but I made a bad read on a restart and lost those spots back (finishing seventh).”

With only four cars transferring from the B, Josh surged from sixth to finish third.  “We were extremely nice in the B,” he says.  “I was excited for that. Running both classes, I was pretty worn out when the feature came along.  When the lights went out at the start of the feature, I was kind of happy to get a little break and some water.”

He would move up from the back row and finish 13th.  “We were really nice in the feature,” says Josh.  “We were up to tenth or eleventh, and I made a mistake down in turn four.  I hit the berm pretty hard.  That allowed (Lynton) Jeffrey to get away from us, and Davey (Heskin) to get back by us.  We ended up 13th, and overall, we were really happy.  The car is heading in the right direction.”

The team kept busy with the 360 Saturday too.  “We knew going in that we are running 2004 technology with the 360,” says Josh.  “We don’t have the motor to compete up front.  The track got slick early, which did fall into our hands a little bit.  Qualifying was o.k. (17th) and we had a good run in the heat (third).”
Starting 12th in the main event, Josh would drive to a seventh place finish, good enough to be the hard-charger.  “We marched up through there several positions,” he says.  “We really could have used a yellow late in the race.  I don’t think we even had a caution (the last 14 laps were non-stop).  I think we had something as far as getting in the top five, but a seventh there was nothing to be ashamed about.”

Josh was happy with the efforts.  “We had a good weekend overall,” he says.  “All three races, Eldon and the two at Knoxville went pretty well.  We’re excited to get to Des Moines tonight with the Sprint Invaders and back with the NSL at Knoxville Saturday.”

Hard-charge to the Podium at 34: Giving it all for Dad’s B’day!

June 2, 2016 – Josh had the Deuce Motorsports #49 working Sunday at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa. After starting 14th, he advanced to a third place finish in the Sprint Invaders 25-lap feature. The team will return to the Knoxville Raceway Saturday for more NSL action after climbing out of the B to a 16th place finish last weekend.

Early struggles with the 360 seem to be behind the team now. “The car didn’t run well at all on opening night in Burlington,” says Josh. “We struggled again early in the night at Oskaloosa, and then we finally sorted the issue out before the A main there. We’re really happy with the way the car is running now.”

Josh drew a stout heat at 34 on Sunday, and started seventh. “The track was tough to pass on in the heats, and we were in the back of a tough one,” he says. “34 Raceway gave us another great racetrack. It was really good early on. Those heat races are tough, and we did what we could to get up to fifth.”

That finish meant starting 14th in the main event, setting up his charge. “There were quite a few wrecks, and we did a good job of avoiding those,” says Josh. “We had a good car the whole night. We were able to run up to third. Obviously, you want to win all the time, but considering the circumstances, we were pretty happy. We’re excited to get the car back out at Eldon with the Sprint Invaders in a couple of weeks.”

A tough NSL field gathered at Knoxville Saturday and a bobble in qualifying made it a tougher night than anticipated. “I went into turn one,” says Josh. “They had some rain there, and the cushion was a little deeper than it normally is. I jumped that cushion, and I did the exact same thing two laps in a row. We missed the invert by two tenths, and I guarantee you that’s where it was. That’s disappointing, because that’s on me as a driver.”

To add insult to injury, Josh started seventh in a heat that saw Terry McCarl, Justin Henderson, Dusty Zomer, Sammy Swindell, Brian Brown and Bronson Maeschen ahead of him. “We were buried in the back of that heat,” he says. “They wrote the numbers on the board and I thought they were kidding. I thought maybe they should just throw (Davey) Heskin, the Madsens (Kerry and Ian) and (Danny) Lasoski in it and call it the A main. We were o.k. there, but we headed to the B.”

Starting sixth, he would snag the fourth and final transfer to the A. Starting at the tail, he would advance to 16th. “Dad (Bart) made some changes that really helped our race car before the B,” says Josh. “We were able to come up through there and get into the feature. I was a little worn out after the feature. It was an extremely physical racetrack, and we had a long day and night. The cushion was big and deep. We’re excited to get back there this week.”

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Saturday, May 21 Knoxville, Iowa

Josh and the #49 team hope an improved qualifying performance last Saturday night at the Knoxville Raceway is a sign of more of the same this weekend. After struggling back in the pack most of the year, the West Burlington, Iowa driver timed in the top ten last Saturday night with the National Sprint League. This weekend, not only will he have another NSL event at Knoxville, but he will also be competing Sunday at his home track, 34 Raceway, with the Sprint Invaders.

Josh was happy about timing in the top ten of the NSL field. “We gained a little bit there,” he says. “We’re definitely making progress and we were happy about that. I hope there’s more of that to come.”

The team had hoped a practice session Friday would help them in their qualifying. “Honestly, during practice, the track wasn’t really where we see it during qualifying for sure,” says Josh. “We’re just continuing to make some small changes here and there, and we seem to be moving in the right direction. We’ll keep at it.”

After registering tenth quick, Josh started the first heat inside row two. “The heat didn’t go our way,” he says. “There was a car that really slowed in front of us to start the heat. That bottled me up on the bottom, and then we really got our front chopped off heading into three. The first lap really dictated where we were going to run in that heat race. That really cost us a shot at finishing in the top eight in points heading into the feature.”

He would start outside row six for the feature. “There really wasn’t much on the bottom to speak of, other than in one and two,” says Josh. “The cushion was kind of one-lane on the top and kind of choppy. We chose to use the W18 (right rear tire). Everyone has told us not to do that, and we proved them right. When the track gets dry like it was, there’s just no bite in that tire. In addition, we put on a left rear to take the stagger out, and we actually gained an inch during the race. That really hurt too.”

He would hold his own, however, and checker 13th. “Still we were able to fight ninth through twelfth the whole race,” says Josh. “It wasn’t that disappointing, because we knew the things that we did wrong. It never hurts to have the money put in the purse that we have with the NSL this year at Knoxville. We really appreciated the right rear tire the track gave the teams Saturday too. I hope the track is benefiting as much from the higher purse as we are. We’ve had some great crowds this year, and Saturday was no different.”

Josh is also looking forward to Sunday’s event in West Burlington. “We’re excited to go back to 34,” he says. “We didn’t have a very good showing there opening night. I think we have the bugs worked out of that racecar, and I think we have an opportunity to finish up front on Sunday.”