Heat Race Win & Sixth in Feature!

June 17, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team turned in a strong sixth place run Saturday night at the Knoxville Raceway in Iowa.  The West Burlington, Iowa driver overcame a less than ideal handling race car in the feature to record his third top ten of the season at Knoxville.  This weekend tentatively has Josh heading to West Liberty Raceway in Iowa with the World of Outlaws Friday, before a return to Knoxville Saturday.

Josh timed in ninth quick at Knoxville Saturday.  “We were pretty decent qualifying,” he says.  “We’ve really worked at our program early in the night.  That’s where we’ve struggled, and we’re figuring some things out.  We’re headed in the right direction.”

Ninth quick meant starting fourth in his heat race.  He would charge to the win on a heavy track.  “We were really good in the heat race,” says Josh.  “We’ve worked on being more aggressive on the starts, and that is a key for us moving forward.  The way the point system is set up, that’s really important.”

Josh passed Rager Phillips on lap two to take the heat win.  “It was definitely a heavy track with the moisture falling,” he says. “Passing was at a premium, especially in the heats.  We were happy to have moved up.  Looking at the results, it looked like (Brian) Brown was the only other car to move up like that, so we were happy.”

With intermittent sprinkles falling, the crew didn’t change much for the feature.  “We left the car free like we had had it,” says Josh. “The track slicked off a little more than we thought it would.  That was a mistake.  We also had an engine issue where we were losing some power.  So that didn’t help on that racetrack as fast as it was either.  Then we had our nose wing fell down about halfway through.”

After starting third, Josh would hold on to finish sixth despite the difficulties.  “The good Lord never makes it easy for us it seems,” he says.  “We always have challenges.  It felt good to be up there vying in the top five though.  To be honest, I made a couple of mistakes early that cost us too.  We’ll get some of that ironed out the more we race.  The track was pretty abnormal for this time of year with the rain falling.”

The team is getting their motor issue inspected before using it again.  “We’re getting it checked out,” says Josh.  “We’ll put in our old one for this weekend and see how we do.

Maximum Laps Allowed!

June 12, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team certainly got some seat time in last weekend in events at Knoxville Raceway with the World of Outlaws, and Sunday with the All Stars at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa. Josh would not only qualify, run his heats and all the features, but he had to go through the B main each night as well.  The busy weekend has the team recuperating and preparing for just one race this week.  That will be Saturday night at Knoxville.

Josh would struggle in qualifying a bit both nights at Knoxville for different reasons.  “Friday and Saturday, we were really pretty nice with the Outlaws,” he says.  “We’re trying to figure out some gear ratios with the motor we’ve put in.  We went the wrong way in qualifying on Saturday, but you need to keep trying until you get it where you need to be”

The draw bit him a bit the first night.  “Friday, we weren’t really that bad,” says Josh.  “We just went out extremely late in our session.  We would have been sixth quick in the other session.  Sometimes, you’re just a product of the draw.”

In Friday’s B, Josh would surge from the fifth row to grab the final transfer back from Logan Schuchart late.  Schuchart would make the Dash Saturday night.  “We definitely gave people their money’s worth there,” he says.  “If we can get this qualifying going, we’ll have something for them.  We can race with all of them when the feature rolls around.”

On Saturday, he would finish second in the B and 20th in the feature.  “We’ve got good racecars, and our engine program is there,” says Josh.  “We just need to fine-tune it, and we’ll be there.  We’re not far off at all.”

Josh drew a tough group in the All Stars qualifying system on Sunday at his hometown 34 Raceway.  “I was halfway excited about how the All Stars drew, but ultimately, it kicked our butts,” he says.  “Saying that, we should have been better.  We weren’t even close on setup for qualifying.  We played catch-up from there.”

Finishing seventh in his heat, he would drive from eighth to third to lock into the final feature of the weekend.  Unfortunately, a first lap melee collected him.  “There really was nowhere to go in the heat,” says Josh.  “We were really good in the B.  Then you have people trying to win the feature from 16th on the first lap of the feature.  We bent the right front corner of the axle back, and that’s the second axle with that car in two weeks.  Financially, it probably would have been better not make the feature.”

A Good Run Spoiled!

June 1, 2017 – It was a mixed bag of results for the Deuce Motorsports #49 team and driver Josh Schneiderman last weekend.  He had high hopes heading into a pair of Iowa Sprint Invaders dates in Donnellson and West Burlington, but they both ended with a bit of disappointment.  The West Burlington driver would drive from row eight to register another top ten finish in 410 competition at the Knoxville Raceway Saturday.  The team will have a breather this weekend before taking on the World of Outlaws for two nights at Knoxville and the All Stars in West Burlington the following week.


Last Friday at Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Josh finished fourth in his heat, then drove from tenth to finish seventh in the feature at a track he has tasted victory at.  “We were struggling with a couple of gremlins on the motor,” he says.  “We got that figured out.  We just weren’t as good as we needed to be with the racecar.  We just didn’t get the car tight enough.  We weren’t as good as we had been in the past.”


He timed in 13th quick at Knoxville with his 410 Saturday.  “I didn’t think our qualifying effort was bad,” says Josh.  “It just wasn’t as good as it needed to be for us to start up front.  We have done really well compared to where we were a year ago.”


After running third in his heat, Josh charged from row eight to checker tenth in the main event.  “I think we were a little better than tenth, but we’re not disappointed,” he says.  “The track was a little heavier with all the moisture last week.  It was heavier than we’ve seen, but they did what they had to do to get the show in.  We were happy running up to tenth.”


He ran second in his heat Sunday at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, qualifying him for the Dash.  After finishing third in that, he started outside row one of the feature, and was running third late in the race when disaster struck.  “We were really good at Burlington,” says Josh.  “It ended in an unfortunate way.  I saw Jamie Ball out of the corner of my eye above turn two, and what I saw was him trying to drive back on the racetrack.  I was intending to move down off the cushion, and when I did at that speed on the slick, I spun sideways.  Jarrod (Schneiderman) had nowhere to go and got into the side of me.  It stinks regardless, but screwing up your brother’s race too was bad.”


Any rumors of Josh taking the wings off and running with USAC this Saturday at Knoxville are false.  “Brittany and I have a scheduled baby class,” he says.  “Next week will be busy with three 410 shows, and we’ll have the engine we dyno-ed last week ready for that.  I tweaked a frame rail on Sunday, so that needs fixed too.  It’s a goodtime for a little break to get re-energized.”

Words from Skip (Jackson) After Another Solid Run!

May 13, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team had another strong showing Saturday night at the Knoxville Raceway.  After timing in a season-best eighth quick, the West Burlington, Iowa native checkered seventh in the feature. After raining out last Wednesday’s Sprint Invaders event at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, they’ll try again this week.  Of course, the team will be back at Knoxville Saturday as well.


Josh came out to time twelfth in the order among the stout 22-car field at Knoxville, timing in eighth.  “I really felt good about qualifying,” he says.  “There’s still a little bit there, but we don’t have anything for the #2 car (Kerry Madsen)…but I don’t know if anyone does right now.  I feel like we’re just about there. I really do.”


The only obstacle on the night was a fifth place finish in the heat after starting fourth.  “I need to be more aggressive on the starts,” says Josh.  “(Brian) Brown’s nose was between (Dustin) Selvage and I before the white line, but I can’t take that away from him.  If that’s what we need to do, then that’s what we need to do.  The bottom line is, I need to be more aggressive.  You need to take advantage of what they give you, and Brian did a good job with that start.”


Josh would start eleventh in the feature.  “We were really good on the bottom,” he says.  “We were only getting better as the race went on, and I think others were starting to fade.  I really wanted to see a yellow with three or four to go.  I think we could have passed the two in front of us if we had.  Maybe we would have even had a shot at the podium…or we could have flipped over the berm.  You never know.”


After climbing to seventh, he chatted with a Knoxville legend afterwards.  “(Two-time track champ) Skip Jackson came over to visit with me after the races,” says Josh.  “I told him I was wishing for a yellow.  He said the times he would wish for a yellow, he ended up being the yellow.  So he had a point there.”


The confidence is high right now for Josh and the team.  “We’re really happy with the car,” he says.  “Our slick track setup is working well.  We’re looking forward to getting a couple of races in this week.  I’m excited and I was ready to get right back in the car and soon as I got out.”

Confidence Booster!

May 6, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team have their confidence rolling as they get ready for a potential two-race week.  The West Burlington, Iowa driver climbed from row eight to finish eleventh at Knoxville in a fast hotrod.  The team plans on running with the Sprint Invaders Wednesday at the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa before returning to Knoxville Saturday.

The team had a few issues before hot laps got underway Saturday at Knoxville.  “We had to put in an older motor this week,” says Josh.  “It seemed like we had a dead cylinder at idle.  We changed spark plug caps and wires.  It seemed to fix the problem.  Once we got up to speed, the motor was fine.  It was just idling a little funny.  Well make an adjustment for that.”

Josh improved his qualifying from the season opener, timing in fourteenth quick amongst the stout 24-car field.  “We were a tenth off where we needed to be, and honestly, that was on me,” he says.  “I jumped the cushion in four on the first lap and that cost us. Ultimately, we weren’t completely dissatisfied, but it could have been better.”

The track was in prime shape for the heat race, and Josh would start outside row one.  “The track was 180 degrees different than the first week,” he says.  “There were two good lanes to run.  In the heat races, it seemed the bottom was an advantage.  Dustin (Selvage) was starting down there, but I was more afraid of the third-place car getting a run down there.  It cost us a little there, and (Mark) Dobmeier was able to get by us.  We had a good race with him for a while.  We weren’t able to get around Chris Martin like he was able to and we ended up fourth.”

He would start the 20-lap main event outside row eight.  “We were really good in the feature,” says Josh.  “We had a really nice racecar.  We had some good battles back there and we were moving forward.  I was having trouble getting around Tasker (Phillips), but the car was really good.  We were right there with (Kerry) Madsen and Austin (McCarl) at the end.  I just wish we could have gotten by Tasker.”

Josh would finish eleventh, and really felt confident about his racecar.  “The balance of the car is really good,” he says.  “We just need to nail qualifying a little better, and we’ll be starting towards the front.  I have a lot of confidence right now.  Our results haven’t been great, but they’re ahead of where we were at this time last year for sure.  I’m really looking forward to getting back there Saturday.”

Josh enters Wednesday’s event at Oskaloosa second in Sprint Invaders points.  After two weeks, he is twelfth in 410 points at Knoxville.

Another Hard Charger

April 22, 2017 – Josh  and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team brought home Knoxville Raceway’s Lyle Boyd “Hard-Charger Award” in 2016.  No offense, but the West Burlington, Iowa driver would like to put that award behind him, qualify a little better, and start towards the front of the feature.  Nonetheless, the season opener at Knoxville last Saturday night went much like last year.  Josh would climb from the tail of the field to finish 15th and hopes to improve on that this Saturday night.

Slick conditions greeted drivers and Josh would time in 20th quick.  “With the weather and the car count, we expected a different racetrack,” he says.  “But it’s the same for everybody.  Early in the year, usually it’s a little heavier.  The car was nice, but I missed the bottom on the first lap, and didn’t do well the second lap either.  That was on me.”

He would start at the tail of arguably the toughest heat of the night.  “Our heat was tough, but when you look at the field as a whole, seventy-five or eighty percent of them are capable of winning the feature,” says Josh.  “The car was good.  I think we were able to pass Joey (Saldana) at one point, and he got back by us.  It was just tough starting in the back.  We weren’t disappointed.  We were right there with Joey and (Brooke) Tatnell.  (Terry) McCarl may have been about a half straightaway in front of us at the checkers, so we weren’t disappointed at all.”

Josh would start at the tail of the feature.  “The car was really nice,” he says.  “It was actually a tough track to pass on.  I guess we moved forward more than about anyone.  There was a caution about mid-race.  We had been running well, and that killed a lot of the momentum we had.”

Nonetheless, he would continue to progress and grab hard-charger honors by finishing 15th. “With six laps or so to go, it laid rubber,” says Josh.  “From there, it was follow the leader.  We were able to get through the night, and had a good car.  It was everyone’s first night, and we’ll look to get better this weekend.”

Josh is willing to give up his hard-charger status to someone else.  “It was encouraging that we were moving forward and the car was good,” he says.  “I’m a little sick of that from last year.  I just need to qualify a little better.  It is nice to be good in the feature. We just need to start towards the front.”

Top Five with IRA Sets Up Knoxville Opener!

(Bill W) April 12, 2017 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team got one more tune-up before the weekly season kicks off this Saturday at Knoxville Raceway.  The West Burlington, Iowa native picked up a fourth-place finish at his hometown 34 Raceway last Saturday night with the IRA.  The team is looking forward to getting to Knoxville Saturday and kicking off their season there.

Josh would come out eighth in the order and set the third quick time of the night on Saturday.

“We were real tickled with third quick,” he says.  “We’re struggling with the tune-up on that motor.  It’s ‘Old Faithful’ for us. Compared to some of the motors we were up against though, we were tickled to death.”

Third quick meant starting outside row two of the fourth heat.  “Our goal was to finish in the top five,” says Josh.  “That would put us in the redraw.  We knew we were in a good spot, and the track was still a little tough to pass on.  We had a good starting spot, and I just needed to keep from stepping on it.  I tried coming off of four one time.  There was some slime and I got low, but we got through there and finished second.”

Josh drew a three to start inside row two for the feature.  “I talked to Paul (Nienhiser) a little bit before the race, and I think he was the smartest one in the bunch,” he says.  “That definitely showed.  We know better than what we did, but we made a poor choice on our left rear tire.  After the heats, we felt the track was getting slicker.  It seemed the other class of cars opened the track up a little and brought the moisture back.”

Despite the tight racecar, he battled among the leaders who were chasing Nienhiser.  “It made for some fast, tight racing, because a lot of us were in the same boat,” says Josh.  “We needed to get the car freer, and we did the exact opposite.  We were running third there towards the end and feeling o.k.  Then Tim Kaeding was able to get by us and we ended up fourth.”

Josh had a few mixed emotions.  “Overall, we were happy, yet disappointed,” he says.  “I think we had the potential to be better than we were.  We avoided a couple of melees.  We just missed the setup in the feature.  We were way too tight.  The track kind of fooled us.”

The team is looking forward to this Saturday night at Knoxville.  “We’re pumped for opening night,” says Josh.  “We’re ready to go.  We have a fresh bullet in the car, and we’re hoping to continue the momentum we had last year.  It will be another tough field of cars, but we’ll be up to the challenge.”

#49 Posts Impressive Season Opening Top 5 Finish

 (Bill W) April 3, 2017 – Last year, the season opener with the Sprint Invaders resulted with Josh Schneiderman and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team on the hook.  Last Saturday’s lid lifter went much better, as the West Burlington, Iowa driver charged from tenth to finish fourth amongst a 33-car field at 34 Raceway.  He’ll return to his hometown track this Saturday as both the MOWA and IRA 410 series converge on the 3/8-mile oval.

While most area tracks succumbed to Mother Nature, the staff at 34 Raceway worked hard to get Saturday’s events in.  The result was 33 sprint cars and 31 late models in attendance.  “You have to commend 34 Raceway for how hard they worked to get the race in,” says Josh.  “They worked their tails off.   I’m hoping the show was a success for them too.”

Josh didn’t draw well, and started outside the third row of his heat.  “I was hoping one of these years, the draw may change for us,” he jokes.  “We still haven’t learned to do that.  I was happy to make it up through there.  With all the rain, it was kind of narrow, and you had over thirty drivers there and a tough field.”

He would checker third, one spot out of a trip to the Dash.  “I thought we had a chance at Cody (Wehrle) there late in the race for second,” says Josh.  “We found a line through some of the ruts, but he moved down there the last couple laps.  That took what little momentum we had away.  We settled into third and that’s where we ended up.”

Josh’s third place heat finish meant starting tenth in the feature. Despite efforts to knock down the rough stuff, the track was heavy, rutty, rough and entertaining!  “I knew with the racetrack the way it was, it was going to be tough,” he says.  “It seemed like a couple of the quicker cars were even faster on that track.  It was going to be tough to pass.  Ultimately, we were happy to move up six spots.  The car was really nice and we were able to get up through some of that stuff.”

A couple of restarts worked in Josh’s favor, and he would advance to finish fourth.  “My neck is reminding me how demanding it was,” he says.  “I don’t know that anyone breathed out there, just keeping the car on all fours!  That was one of the rougher ones I’ve been in.  But the car rolled into the trailer the way we rolled it out, and that was a victory in itself.  Unlike last year, it was a good start for us, and we’re excited moving forward.”

The team is preparing for Saturday’s 410 event at 34.  “We have the 410 in the car we ran Saturday,” says Josh.  “We’ll be ready for a big night again at 34 on Saturday.”

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In the Family! SIA Season Championship 9/17/2016

Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 put on another one of their patented charges last Saturday night with the Sprint Invaders at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa.  Going from twelfth to third, Josh not only finished strong with the series, but saw his brother Jarrod win his first ever Sprint Invaders feature.  The team is weighing remaining races on their schedule, or whether they will call it a year.

Josh drew a sixth starting spot in his heat.  “We didn’t get what we needed from the draw, and the track was still awful fast in the heat race,” he says.  “That made it tough for passing.  It is what it is.  You win some and you lose some on the draw.  We didn’t get quite the start we needed in the heat either.  We got held up a little bit in turn one.  It was just tough passing.  That’s just how it goes sometimes.”

He finished fourth in the heat, putting him outside row six for the feature.  The track was fast, but widened out as the night progressed.  “The track became pretty racy,” says Josh.  “It got hairy in lapped traffic.  They were battling back and forth too.  We had a good racecar, but we lost the brakes there about halfway through the race.  That made it tough for us.”

A red was displayed with seven laps to go.  “We needed that caution earlier,” says Josh.  “It seems that we haven’t had a lot of cautions in races lately.  The track was a little faster, and we got up to third…so we were really happy with a podium finish there.” Josh was excited to see his brother get his first Sprint Invaders win.  “I was happy for Jarrod,” he says.  “He’d been trying to win one with the Invaders for a long time.  He earned that one.  That was good for him.”

The strength of the team’s schedule came in 410 action at Knoxville.  It was a year that saw steady improvement and Josh’s first podium finish at the Sprint Car Capital.  “We didn’t have a lot of flash and flare, so I don’t know that we were on a whole lot of people’s radar,” he says.  “But we were consistent all year.  We had a bunch of top tens and a few top fives at Knoxville as we continue to build this program.  We’re just so pumped for that.  That’s big for us.”

The season saw a number of feature charges.  “We didn’t start up front very often,” says Josh.  “Obviously, we struggled a bit in qualifying.  But when you charge towards the front in the features, it tells you that you are good when it matters.  So the focal point of the off season is improving in time trials.  If we can get in those first three rows at Knoxville, I truly believe we can win.”

Slick in Quincy!

(Bill W) September 6, 2016 – Josh and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team racked up another top ten with the Sprint Invaders Sunday night at Quincy Raceways in Illinois.  The slick track conditions turned in an exciting non-stop 25-lap feature that saw the West Burlington, Iowa driver finish seventh.  This weekend, the team will put the 410 in and compete with the MOWA series at the Herb Barlow Memorial in Jacksonville, Illinois Friday and the Tom Knowles Memorial at Spoon River Speedway Saturday.

Josh drove from third to finish second and qualify for the Dash in his nine-car heat race.  “We’re drawing a good car count here late in the year,” he says. “So we were happy to make the Dash, especially because of the nature of that track.  It gets really slick, and track position is important.”

He started on the pole of the Dash, but a mistake cost him a few spots.  “It was like an ice skating rink,” says Josh.  “We fell in behind Robbie Standridge, but I tried a little too hard on the second lap and got into that berm on the top.  The car took a hard push, and we allowed a couple cars by us.  We know the Dash doesn’t win the feature for you.  Unfortunately, the Dash draw seems to kill us every night, and the draw saw us starting sixth (in the feature).”

Josh maintained in the feature, checkering seventh.  “We anticipated the track laying rubber,” he says.  “I don’t know that it laid rubber at all to be honest. We were really pretty good in the feature.  Everyone caught on to run the bottom of three and four early.  I moved down there as well.  That wore out eventually.  I probably should have been up top.  I may have been able to get by some cars up there.”

The team will chalk the laps up to their experience with the slick conditions.  “We were good, but we weren’t great,” says Josh.  “We don’t get to many slick race tracks like that.  Some of our setups…we’re still working on them.  It’s great experience for us, and we’re excited to get to the next one and work on it again.”